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Global Gaming Expo Big Business in Las Vegas

Global Gaming Expo Big Business in Las Vegas

Avatar, the casino game, was revealed at the latest gaming that is global (G2E) in Las Vegas this week

Anyone that is anyone into the gambling industry could be found in vegas this week; that is where the Global Gaming Expo was occurring, a gathering of 25,000 attendees who are all interested in seeing in which the worldwide gambling market will be headed over the year that is next.

Easing Up on Regulations Major Focus

At the conference understood as G2E there were number of major issues discussed. American Gaming Association frontrunner Geoff Freeman noted that his biggest priority will likely be to push state regulators to unify and lighten the regulations up on the casino industry in the usa, in order to make it easier for companies to innovate throughout the country.

‘Our industry is not permitted to upgrade because of the regulatory environment,’ Freeman stated. ‘That’s something we need to address. We want to be regulated. However, you will find places that it crosses the line and really affects innovation and makes us less competitive. Each brand new declare that occurs feels like they have to turn the screws only a little bit tighter than the one before.’

But before some of the numerous essential issues facing the industry could get attention, the meeting had been kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony and most of the glitz and glamour that the world of gambling needs to offer.

Entertainment important

After Freeman’s opening remarks to welcome attendees, a comedy group performed though according to a report from the Associated Press, that did not get much of a reaction from the crowd.

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